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Food Pantry Produce Giveaway – Wednesday, July 28 from 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. – RSVP Online

Youth Group Canoe Trip at Columbus Metro Parks – Friday, August 13

  • We always like to kick off the school year with a fun group building event, this year we are working with Columbus Metro Parks to plan a canoe trip and picnic! Pencil in the date- more details to come!!


Fall Youth Small Groups

While church sure looked different last school year, one of the BIG successes was youth group. We had youth sign up and we designed groups and group sizes based on participation. Many of the groups met Sunday evenings for an hour which seemed to work well. What’s next? We are figuring that out as we go! But we do think youth group small groups is worth trying to keep. We had such great participation and we had a really great time together. Youth group small groups will include SNACKS, games, well-being check-ins, friends and mentors from church, and finding ways to connect with our faith and God. 

So in order to put our youth into small groups again and recruit leaders, I need you to sign them up online by August 15! 

They will meet on Sundays, and timing can vary based on your group’s schedules. Stay tuned!  


*Covid-19 Safety for In-Person Youth Events 

Until all youth have the opportunity to be vaccinated, all in-person youth group events will require the wearing of masks and will be outside. We will allow youth to go inside to use restrooms one at a time. If an event involves eating together, youth may temporarily remove masks to eat sitting down at a confirmed distance of 3ft or more from each other (still outside).