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Racial Justice Initiative

Learn more about the work undertaken by Broad Street's Racial Justice Initiative

Broad Street Presbyterian Church's Session affirmed the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s church-wide anti-racism policy that “racism is the opposite of what God intends for humanity…[racism] is a lie about our fellow human beings, for it says that some are less than others.”

Anti-racist effort is not optional for Christians. It is an essential aspect of Christian discipleship, without which we fail to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Central Ohio Cultural Events

The Racial Justice Initiative invites you to explore different cultures this summer by attending one or two community cultural events. You can go alone, with your family, or with a small group you organize. In the fall, the Racial Justice Initiative will host small group discussions where Broad Streeters can talk about their cultural adventures. Participants will get a chance to reflect on what they've learned about themselves and others. Email us to let RJI know you're joining an event.

JULY 2024

Black Culture July 5-7 

CBTF Theatre Festival (


Authors of Multiple Cultures  July 13-14

Festival Authors | Columbus Book Festival


Latino Culture July 27

Tierra y Vida | Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH | July 27, 2024 ( 



Black Culture, August 2

Poindexter Village Drum Circle - Ohio History Connection

Bronzeville Push for Peace at Mayme Moore Park, August 3  

Push for Peace -

European Culture - Ireland August 2-4

Dublin Irish Festival | Dublin, Ohio, USA  


Hispanic Culture - August 10-11

Home | Latin Festival! (  


Black Culture August 16-18

HOME | Oldetowneeastjazz (  


Black Culture August 17

CBUS Soul Fest - Scioto Mile 


Asian Culture - India  August 24

India Festival — Federation of Indian Associations ( 



Greek Orthodox - August 30 - September 2

The Annual Columbus Greek Festival 


Diverse community September 28

International Festa-val | Festa (


What is RJI doing?

  • Objective 1- Anti-racist recommendations related to increasing congregational conversation on race-related topics. 
  • Objective 2- Anti-racist recommendations related to improve racially just outcomes in areas of church life.
  • Objective 3- Anti-racist recommendations to influence racial justice in our near neighborhood. 
  • Objective 4- Anti-racist recommendations to address racial injustices that are institutionalized or culturally supported. 

As followers of Christ, we affirm that racism is not compatible with Broad Street Presbyterian Church’s values, policies, and practices. Racism has been and is still present in the words and actions (and inactions) of members of our community, and we understand that we need to redouble our efforts to stop all acts of racism, be they subtle or overt, and to actively work to dismantle systems that perpetuate racism.

Broad Street Presbyterian Church under the leadership of Session commits that we will:

  • Listen carefully to any expressions of concern about racist acts, unlearn our own implicit biases, and admit our own mistakes, even when it makes us uncomfortable.
  • Remain alert to all aspects of our church life to determine where anti-racist improvements should continue to be made. (Note: Recommendations 2 and 3 relate to this Commitment.)
  • Continue our growth in making Broad Street Presbyterian Church a place that feels welcoming and safe for marginalized people. Initiate healing as we learn about or gain a deeper understanding of situations where racism has existed at Broad Street, both historically and today.
  • Conduct ongoing education in anti-racism for our children, youth, and adults.
  • Give due consideration to individuals and firms owned or controlled by persons of color by establishing and maintaining programs and policies which promote fairness and equity, including contracting with external vendors and suppliers.
  • Partner with the broader community in anti-racism activities.
  • Recruit, hire, develop, and promote a diverse staff.
  • Continue to promote near neighborhood projects that focus on listening to and following the lead of people in the community. Strive to build trust and create lasting partnerships.


How we got here

Racial Justice Congregational Survey

BSPC Anti-Racist Research & Findings