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Flat Jesus is Back!

Why? Because we need a sense of fun and lightness as we head back into the world this summer. 

1.   Print and cut out Flat Jesus.

2.   Decorate Flat Jesus, dress him any fun way you imagine! 

3.   Bring Flat Jesus with you to the park, the zoo, around your backyard or on a vacation! 

4.   Email photos to with the subject line "Flat Jesus"

In all seriousness, we always need the reminder that wherever we go, we don’t go alone. God is always with us. Flat Jesus was a crowd favorite a few years ago, and we thought it might be a fun time to bring him back. We all carry a lot of emotions with us these days as we live into this next phase of the pandemic in the US, and maybe Flat Jesus will be what we need to make us smile and remind us we go with God.


Lawn Visits with Ms. Brittany

Last summer Lawn Visits were, quite simply put, my FAVORITE thing!! So I said to myself, why not do it again? So, Lawn Visits with Ms. Brittany are back, and I want to see you! 

I will bring something... not sure what yet, but something that is meaningful to our faith, and likely a treat, too. 

Ms. Brittany is fully vaccinated and lawn visits will continue to be outside. I am happy to wear a mask and keep distance, whatever makes you all most comfortable! I will text you before I come to check-in.  



Parenting & Decision Fatigue

This summer, we will be sending your family “A Guide to Summer Self-Care for Families on the Go.” We hope these selections of practices (ranging from small time commitments to larger ones) offer your family a chance to make intentional choices about how to spend time and energy as a family. Last summer, time and time again, I kept hearing how much families loved the slower pace and fewer activities. I am hearing already as we head into this summer, that folks don’t know how but the busy culture has crept back into their lives. This guide is to help you all acknowledge what you are letting back into your life, while also keeping some of the pauses and slowness that many of us savored last summer.

Along with this summer guide, I want to start a conversation with parents about decision fatigue. Many of us have named decision fatigue as one of the hardest parts of the pandemic for parents. I want to gather parents who might be interested in exploring this topic, group thinking about ways to combat it or support each other in it. If you are interested in discussing this with other parents, fill out this quick form online.  

For now, I will leave you with this blog which has some tips on how to reduce decision fatigue to free up space in our brains.

We don’t have to parent alone, we can be each other’s village. We need each other now more than ever. Be easy on yourselves.

-Brittany Porch


A Guide to Summer Self-Care for families on the go

It would be so easy to go back to pre-pandemic life, full of busyness and habits we don't like. So we are inviting families to spend the summer adding intentional practices of self-care and slowness. We will mail your families a summer kit from church with fun items and a guide to summer self-care. It offers simple activities that take no prep time at all; medium-sized (but still doable!) suggestions to chew on; and big ideas that can help transform the whole season.

Jonas Ellison (one of Medium’s most read and beloved spiritual writers!) writes this and includes a lovely introduction to hygge (pronounced, "HOO-gah"), the Danish phenomenon of sincere and comfortable self-care - and some lovely summer playlists to help make the mood just right!