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Explore the ministry opportunities for your children at Broad Street

May Update:

Summer is almost here!

After May, which is as busy as December but minus the gifts, many of us are looking forward to the slowed pace of summer. We are facing a new pace around BSPC too with Amy on sabbatical, we are trying to find what this summer might bring for us as a church too. We are pausing bedtime Zooms for the summer and will restart those again in the next school year. We are adding 5 intergenerational faith formation events this summer that are short, fun, and meaningful. We also have a great lineup of guest preachers from a diversity of backgrounds and races. Amy’s joke before leaving sabbatical was, “we want our kids to grow up knowing men can be pastors too” haha. Worship, both online and in-person, will allow our kids to see different faces and hear different voices in worship, this is a lovely gift of the summer sabbatical. So even if you’re traveling, tune into worship online when you can to worship with your children and talk about things you notice together! This summer promises more sunshine and with that, we hope it also includes sabbath, play, laughter, and time together. 


Summer Theme: Come To The Water

This summer we are going to have “swimming lessons” aka intergenerational lessons and activities all centered around water stories in the bible. This will happen right after worship at 11:30 a.m. for around 30 minutes to an hour, and pack a picnic lunch! This is for all ages. Save the dates below:

  • June 19 – Wade in the Water, Genesis 1 – Art Stations
  • June 26 – Get Out of the Boat, Matthew 14 – Float Science & Crafts
  • July 24 – Washed Clean, Acts 9 – Water Games (plan for a change of clothes for the younger crowd)
  • August 7 – Living Water, John 4 – Service Project
  • August 28 – Living Underwater, Jonah 2 – Craft & Play  


Volunteer at Food Pantry Produce Giveaways

Once again, the Food Pantry’s outside produce giveaways are back! Volunteering at these markets on a weekday in the Food Pantry is an awesome, tangible way for kids to volunteer with their parents. The kids really love it and learn a lot along the way. To volunteer, use the online sign-up!