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Sunday Worship

July 25, 2021 

-Online service on Facebook and YouTube premiering at 8:45 a.m.

-Worship in the sanctuary at 10 a.m.

-Jeff Jaynes is our guest preacher for the online and in-person service. He is an ordained Presbyterian minister, seminary professor, and an active part of life at Broad Street. Collin Richarson will be our guest musician and will play the piano and organ at the in-person service.


Aminah Robinson Exhibit

-Sunday, August 22 at 11:30 a.m.

Join Amy and other Broad Streeters and experience the Aminah Robinson exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art.

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The Columbus Achievement Club is looking for Volunteer Coaches! 


What is the Columbus Achievement Club? 

The Columbus Achievement Club (CAC) is COMPASS’s new goal-setting and achieving program. The CAC offers families support in choosing achievable goals, personalized coaching, monthly skill-building workshops, and financial rewards! 


What is a Volunteer Coach? 

Volunteer Coaches help support the mission of the club by encouraging and guiding CAC members in the achievement of their goals. 


What do Volunteer Coaches have to do? 

Coaches will conduct bi-monthly check-in phone calls with their CAC member partner. The phone call allows CAC members to discuss their progress, celebrate success, and ask for the support they need. The calls will usually last around 15 minutes. The Coaches are also invited to attend all the Club workshops! 


How can I become a Coach? 

Please register to become a Coach by filling our interest form HERE

The CAC Program Coordinator will get in touch with you to schedule an Orientation! 


Flat Jesus is Back!

Why? Because we need a sense of fun and lightness as we head back into the world this summer. 

1.   Print and cut out Flat Jesus.

2.   Decorate Flat Jesus, dress him any fun way you imagine! 

3.   Bring Flat Jesus with you to the park, the zoo, around your backyard or on a vacation! 

4.   Email photos to with the subject line "Flat Jesus"

In all seriousness, we always need the reminder that wherever we go, we don’t go alone. God is always with us. Flat Jesus was a crowd favorite a few years ago, and we thought it might be a fun time to bring him back. We all carry a lot of emotions with us these days as we live into this next phase of the pandemic in the US, and maybe Flat Jesus will be what we need to make us smile and remind us we go with God.