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Annual Campaign '24

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"Sing to God a new song, for God has done marvelous things. Let the floods clap their hands; let the hills sing together for joy."

Psalm 98

Dear Broad Streeters,

How does Broad Street bring joy to your life? The inspirational music from our exceptionally gifted choir, the insightful preaching of our pastors, the heartening sounds of children and the words of Bible studies are just some of the ways which we find joy in this church community. As co-chairs of the 2024 Annual Campaign, we invite you to consider where the spirit of joy connects with you at Broad Street. 

It is your thoughtful and generous support that has allowed Broad Street to adapt to the pandemic and post-pandemic world. Together, we have developed ways to increase our ministry for children and families, introduced online worship and expanded the food pantry and other programs, including near neighborhood ministries, despite economic headwinds. Along the way, Broad Street has also come to better understand and acknowledge its racial history—a past that has included actions for which we are not proud but are using as motivation to engage with those who should have always been at the table.

This is the season when the church focuses on planning and budgeting for the future. Our congregation is central to these conversations. Our pledges provide the foundation for this future planning. Your commitment determines the budget the Session, the governing body of the church, is able to approve. That budget, in turn, supports the expansion of our presence in the community and the offerings we are able to provide to our church family. They also help answer the question: How can we reach the promise of joy inherent in our faith?

As you make your pledge to Broad Street, consider the joy that your promise can help give and create. Not just for yourself and your own family but for the larger community of Broad Street, a community so often connected by moments and seasons of joy.

Christopher Carver and Barb Lucks, 2024 Annual Campaign Co-Chairs


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We know life may bring unexpected changes…illness, a change in jobs, your family grows, a move. If you need to change your pledge at any time this year, it’s ok. Just contact our financial office at with your updated pledge information.