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Nomination Form 2023 Fill yours out today! LEARN MORE

Nomination Form 2023

The BSPC Nominating Committee needs your help in discerning those whom God is calling to lead the Church at this time.

Who do you think has the skills and passion to serve as an elder or deacon?

Please submit your suggestions of people you can envision serving in these roles. Self-nominations are particularly welcome.


What is an elder?

Elders serve three-year terms on the Session, which acts as the governing body of the church and is responsible for virtually every corner of church life. Elders shape the vision and direction of the church and are the spiritual leaders of the congregation.



  • Mekobe Ajebe
  • Jeff Beam
  • Doug Curphey
  • Claire Folts
  • Kim Minor
  • Karen Taylor


  • Bob Baptist
  • Betty Brown
  • Christopher Carver
  • Jeff Caswell
  • Barbara Oettgen
  • Sallie Sherman


  • Charlyn Bohland
  • Bruce Hill
  • Jim Miller
  • Lane Rothschild
  • Carrie Sheehan
  • Doug Walstra

Moderator: Amy Miracle

Clerk: Joanne Kosanke

Treasurer: Bill Williams


What is a deacon?

Deacons serve three-year terms and provide care to the congregation. This involves communicating in caring ways with those in their districts and greeting and delivering flowers. Deacons also work on two projects: Angel Tree, which gifts children of incarcerated parents at Christmas time, and College Connection which reaches out to BSPC college students.



  • Barb Blanke
  • Bob & Laurie Fulford
  • Darnell & Charlie Heywood
  • Chris & Lucas McMaken
  • Marlane Nibert
  • Mary Jo Ruby
  • Barb & Kate Sahr
  • Kilee Weiner


  • Charlotte Ferguson
  • Diane Hines
  • Scott & Kyoung Swearingen
  • Fred Vorys & Anne Marie Sferra


  • Vivian Bichsel
  • Jamie & Liz Taylor
  • Susan Toney
  • Sally Van Meter

Moderators: Barb Blanke & Charlotte Ferguson

Staff: Ann Palmerton


Nomination Form:

The Nominating Committee Thanks You for Your Help!

Jeff Caswell (chairperson), Carrie Sheehan (vice chairperson), Laurie Fulford (deacon representative), and Aaron Bucco, Ian Nickey and Barb Northrup (representatives elected by the congregation). 

Staff: Amy Miracle, Ann Palmerton, Brittany Porch