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A Glimpse of the Work This Past Year...

US-Mexico Border- Miriam Maldonado Escobar and Mark Adams

Miriam Maldonado Escobar and Mark Adams
  • Since December 2020, there has been a huge increase of release asylum seekers to the US-Mexico border with nowhere to go and no plan for these people. 80-100 people a day are being expelled into Agua Prieta. 
  • The Migrant Resource Center has welcomed over 12,000 people so far this year to offer meals, water, coffee, first aid, and clean socks and underwear.
  • Last week sixteen families from Guatemala were flown from Texas where they had petitioned for asylum (and rejected "because of the pandemic") over 1000 miles to Tucson and then driven two hours by our government's Customs and Border Protection officers and expelled into Agua Prieta-- they had no idea where they were. That is an extreme example -- but each day people are bussed from over 4 hours away to be expelled into a city that they have never been in (in addition to persons who are expelled after crossing locally).  
  • Juana from Guatemala writes, "After being extorted on our trip through Mexico, rejected in the US and thrown out, we never imagined we would be welcomed with a delicious cup of coffee and people who care for us. It is like receiving a big hug from a mother." Our mission partners Mark and Miriam and all of Frontera de Cristo are choosing welcome, not fear.

Peru- Jenny and Jed Koball

Jenny and Jed Koball
  • Hovde Shelter is no longer a part of the Joining Hands Network so that formal relationship has come to an end. They are still thriving, and we hope to find ways to stay supportive of their work.
  • The Deaf Education School in Moyabama, Peru has been virtual all year – thanks to BSPC’s support - and is still doing really well. They currently have quite a bit of funding to be used given by another church, so they aren’t in financial need this year by BSPC. 
  • The YAV program in Peru is restarting this year and for the first time, Jenny has 2 Peruvian Young Adults in leadership, Maisha Palma and Andrea Peña!
  • The very first environmental law passed to address communities affected by mining, now Jed and Joining Hands will work together to help support communities ensure the law and environmental standards are upheld.

Democratic Republic of Congo- Christi and Jeff Boyd

Christi and Jeff Boyd
  • Jeff, who serves as the regional liaison for Central Africa, worked to provide protective equipment like masks and gowns to hospitals and medical facilities, and training for communities about stopping the spread of COVID-19 in countries in central Africa.
  • In the DR of Congo, they are continuing a strong rollout of a new strategic plan for caring for abandoned children, moving from center-based care to in-home care to better support the children. With our financial help, they provided training to 99 congregations in churches and 175 abandoned children will receive school supplies kits to be on equal footing with their peers.
  • Christi traveled to eastern Congo after the volcanic eruption of Mt. Nyirangongo as they sought a Presbyterian relief effort for displaced people whose homes were ruined by the lava. 


1. Learn About Where Funds Are Needed

U.S./Mexico Border

We Choose Welcome Campaign

Mark wrote recently, "Have you ever prepared for a dinner party for 10 and 1000 show up?" The US government has been expelling people in droves with no advanced warning. The Migrant Resource Center has welcomed over 12,000 people to offer meals, water, coffee, first aid, and clean socks and underwear. They are choosing welcome, not fear. They did not budget for such a dramatic influx of people, therefore, are trying to raise funds for this emergent work. Juana from Guatemala writes, "After being extorted on our trip through Mexico, rejected in the US and thrown out, we never imagined we would be welcomed with a delicious cup of coffee and people who care for us. It is like receiving a big hug from a mother."


Environmental Health & Prevention of Mining Contamination in La Oroya and Beyond

"There are over 4,000 mining and oil related environmental liabilities in Peru that have left nearly 11 million people (1/3 of the total population) at risk for heavy metal contamination. The majority of people at risk are from impoverished Andean and Amazonic communities."

Pandemic Relief and Climate Change Efforts

These funds will go towards the health and sustainability of Andean and Amazonic communities that have been further threatened by climate change and the increased inequality generated by the pandemic.

Democratic Republic of Congo & Central Africa

Institut Médical Chrétien du Kasai (IMCK) Medical Needs at the Good Shepherd Hospital

The Institut Médical Chrétien du Kasai (IMCK), or Christian Medical Institute of Kasai, was founded in 1954 as a nursing school at the rural Presbyterian mission station of Lubondai in the then Belgian Congo. More than 60 years later it has come a long way. It has moved to the village of Tshikaji ten miles south of the city of Kananga,  added a laboratory technician school, college-level nursing program, a 160-bed reference hospital, programs for nutrition, public health, research and medical internships, outpatient clinics (in nearby Kananga as well as in village areas), a dental program, and specialized services in surgery, ophthalmology, maternity and pediatrics. 

The Ministry with Abandoned Children

Support the Ministry as they make a strategic shift to partner church and state in order to restructure their "foster care" system away from group homes and into host families. These families will be actively supported by church communities, with the ultimate goal being to reunite children with extended family.

Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania - Marion Medical Mission

Shallow Well Project

Help to provide clean water for a community in need. One well costs $450.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA)

Haiti Earthquake Relief

PDA has had long-standing partnerships in Haiti for decades. These meaningful relationships enable us to come alongside communities affected by disaster. After the recent devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake that has resulted in the loss of more than 2,000 lives, PDA is responding to emergency needs such as WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), emergency power generators, shelter, food, first aid and more. We remain committed to the short and long-term recovery of the Haitian nation.


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